Welcome to our groups page.  I believe that we’re at our best when we are connected and groups are a great way to do that. Whether you step into one of our discipleship groups that focuses on helping you mature spiritually or one of our growth groups that deals with specific spiritual topics, you’ll be better off for it.  Our facilitators are friendly and responsive so don’t hesitate to connect with them!

  Mario White

Join a Discipleship Group

Discipleship Groups are Bible-story based, ongoing, and focused on spiritual development.

  • Fri-1:00 PM--Poulsbo
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (women only)
  • Mon-6:00 PM--At the Church
  • Rovik - women only (in person)
  • Mon-9:30 AM--
  • Pearson - women only (online)
  • Sun-12:00 PM--Poulsbo
  • Johnston - open to all (in person)
  • Sun-3:30 PM--At the Church
  • Michelle White - college-aged women (in-person)
  • Sun-5:00 PM--Poulsbo
  • Harris - women only (online)
  • Thu-6:30 PM--Poulsbo
  • Shadburne (young adults) (in-person)
  • Thu-7:00 PM--Poulsbo
  • Roviks - open to all (in-person and online)
  • Tue-6:30 PM--Poulsbo
  • Quintanilla - Spanish speaking women (in-person)
  • Wed-5:30 PM--Poulsbo
  • Knopf - women only (in person)
  • Wed-6:30 PM--At the Church
  • Davis - open to all (in-person)
  • Wed-6:30 PM--Poulsbo
  • Hensley - women only (online & in person)
  • Wed-8:00 AM--Poulsbo
  • Pfizenmeier & Drier - men only (in-person)