COVID challenged us in many ways this past year, both as individual families and as a faith community. Limited freedom, finances, providing for basic needs, and much more were all part of daily life. But with the challenges have come new opportunities!

As a faith community, focused on sharing the good news of the gospel that Jesus is the answer to our greatest need, we are embracing every opportunity, new and existing, and invite you to join us in a new effort we are calling Every Home.

What is Every Home? Every Home is a prayerful goal of sharing the gospel with every home in our local Kitsap County area through existing outreaches and new opportunities as the Lord leads. “Every Home for every home.” Together committed to making disciples of all people.

What am I prayerfully asking from every home? To serve, give financially, and pray.


Prayerfully consider how you can be involved in serving.

“Every Home for every home” will take all of us coming together serving in whatever capacity the Lord has enabled and called us to. Hospitality, online campus, media team, serving in students, children, prayer teams – it begins with each of us asking how we can be used to serve Him.

Click the button to explore some of the areas you could volunteer in.


Prayerfully consider financial support. Many of you have joined the team as committed and faithful giving partners. Thank you! For those who have not, I invite you to join this financial team, worshiping the Lord through giving and providing a healthy financial “home.”

Click the button to give online, select Every Home from the dropdown menu.


Pray. As a leadership team we are committed to a biblical worldview, believing the Bible is our authority for all of life. It’s God’s Word!

Pray for boldness as we stand firm declaring God’s truth.

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