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Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder (CCB) is one of two key tools we use to communicate with each other and is available to everyone at Gateway.

Join the CCB community where you can interact with others at Gateway!
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Church Community Builder (CCB)

At Gateway we value community and communication. Church Community Builder (CCB) provides a platform for both of these and we encourage all who are part of the Gateway community to sign up.

With a CCB login, you can...

  • sign up for groups
  • easily communicate with everyone in your group
  • sign up to volunteer
  • give online and view your giving statement
  • look up events
  • and access the church directory

It's not just a “database.”  It’s how we connect with you and help you connect with others.  It’s about coming “together.”  It’s about “community.”

Sign up today (if you haven’t already) by clicking the button above!