General information

Safely restarting!

Children's Gatherings are now meeting!

Sundays // 9:00am & 10:30am

Every Sunday, babies through fifth-grade kids experience safe, age-appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way.

We would love for you and your family to visit Gateway Kids this Sunday. Join the fun, and experience a world where kids meet Jesus on their level!


  • Updated Guidelines for Gateway Kids:

    • Be proactive and check your child's temperature the morning before coming to church.
    • Only allow your children to Gateway Kids if they are completely well, i.e., they have no cough, runny nose, cold, or fever, etc.
    • Stay at home if you or your children have been exposed to COVID in the last two weeks, even if none of you exhibit symptoms.
    • Regarding face masks: We trust parents to make the best decision for their families.
    • We will NO LONGER be asking families to pre-register for Gateway Kids! Though we will still be spreading the kids out as much as possible, our room capacities have increased, and we are not concerned about space.
    • SELF CHECK-INS will be available for your family’s convenience in the main lobby as well as in the Pearson Fellowship Hall (The Summit).
    • Snack will continue to be served in the Meadows and Woodlands.


    To promote a healthy environment, the church is making the following accommodations:

    • The children's rooms will be cleaned and sanitized before and after church.
    • The number of toys, books, and other manipulatives in each room will be limited. As is our normal procedure, no personal toys, etc., from home will be allowed.
    • Please understand that it will not be possible for workers to keep babies or toddlers six feet apart from each other, however, every effort will be made to maintain as much distance from one another as possible.
    • Handwashing/handwashing stations will remain at the entrance to the Fellowship Hall (The Summit).


We are proud to announce a  new program specially designed for our special needs families. Gateway Kids Buddies is a Sunday morning ministry that breaks down barriers for children with special needs, allowing them to participate in Children’s Ministry alongside their peers. We do so by pairing each child with their own “buddy”. Our buddies are trained to know and meet each child’s needs to make worship accessible for children of all abilities. This ministry allows families freedom to attend adult worship and build community while confident that their child’s needs are being met. 

How do I connect with Gateway Kids Buddies?
We always welcome new families with special needs to kids church! In order for us to get to know your family, we like you to let us know about you by filling out our Buddy Family Information form.

Do you have a heart for our special needs friends and want to be a buddy? Sign up here!