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What is Faith Promise Giving and where does the concept come from?
Each family or individual believer prayerfully looks to the Lord in faith asking how much He would have that family/individual give to Missions that year. Then, as the Lord leads, they make a commitment to God to give a specific amount. Faith Promise Giving generally comes from an increase in income, a decrease in expenses, or a desire to set aside resources to help fulfill the Great Commission. What are the Biblical principles for Faith Promise Giving?
The following verses provide guidance: Psalm 24:1, 2 Corinthians 8:2-5 and 2 Corinthians 9:5-7. These verses tell us:

  • We are giving God resources that are already His.
  • We are to give generously, according to our means and beyond our means.
  • We are to give intentionally with thought, prayer, and preparation.
  • We are to give of our own accord, willingly, and joyfully.


How does Faith Promise Giving relate to tithes and offerings?FPCardL
Tithes and offerings are taught in the Bible and are urgently needed in the work of the church (for instance, the General Fund). Tithes are based upon a stated income. Faith Promises, though, look directly to God, asking in effect, how much can I trust God to give through me? These generous gifts are needed if we are to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation.


Are Faith Promises pledges?

No. A pledge is horizontal, made to another institution (such as a church or a charity), and is often legally enforceable. The Faith Promise response is a vertical matter directly between the individual/family and God. Thus, the commitment is to God, not to Gateway Fellowship. We don’t even collect the names of those making a Faith Promise. It truly is between you and the Lord.


What should I be doing now and over the next few weeks?

Read the scriptures mentioned above—pray over and through them. Discuss the principles with your family, those to whom you look for accountability, and your small group/prayer partners. Pray earnestly for God’s leading. Prayerfully consider what would be a generous gift for you to make. Prayerfully consider the teaching of Scripture regarding generosity. Then, when you sense God’s leading, make the commitment to God.


Do I need to communicate this commitment to the Gateway Mission Team?

Yes. We ask that each family/individual anonymously report their Faith Promise commitment to God by filling out the tear-off portion of our Response Card, after detaching it from the left-hand portion. We make this request so that the Mission Team can prudently plan for the coming year, allowing us to be wise, Godly stewards of the collective resources He will give the Gateway Fellowship Missions program.


When do I communicate my Faith Promise commitment?

In the Spring of 2016, we’ll collect our Faith Promises on May 1 and 8. Afterward, you may place your Faith Promise Response card  in an offering box at any time.


How do I give to Missions at Gateway Fellowship?

Missions’ giving at Gateway Fellowship is separate from all other funds. Any gift given to Missions must be clearly marked as “Missions” on the memo line/purpose field of the check or donation form, or when using Online Giving. One check may be used to make gifts to more than one fund, as long as the intended allocation is clearly marked. Please place cash gifts of any size in an envelope and include a notation that the gift is for “Missions.”


How are funds given to Missions at Gateway Fellowship used?

The Gateway Fellowship Missions Team seeks to prayerfully, and wisely be great stewards of the funds with which God has entrusted us. We seek to respond on a meaningful scale to the movement of God around the world by funding our UPG ministries, our missionaries, urgent needs, emerging needs and families within Gateway responding to God’s call for vocational cross-cultural Christian ministry. Of gifts given to Missions at Gateway, 100% go directly to missionary support or activity.


What should I do if I have more questions?

To have a Faith Promise packet mailed to your home, or if you just have additional questions, please contact our Missions Pastor, Dave Fischer.