Growth Groups Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is a Growth Group?
A. Simply put, Growth Groups are places for people to connect and "do life" together. They are safe, comfortable, stress-free places where individuals have the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, learn something new themselves and God and grow spiritually within a social context.

Q. Why do you have Growth Groups?
A. At Gateway, we feel that it is very important for people to connect outside of a Sunday service. Growth Groups provide a way for people to meet others with common interests in hopes of building lasting relationships.

Q. What makes Growth Groups different from traditional small groups?
A. Four things make Growth Groups unique:
They typically last 11 weeks at a time
They are based around people's common interests
They find a way to serve and play together
They typically have 12-15 people.


Q. How do I sign up for a GG?
A. When the group promotion month is open (Sept, Jan, and May), simply sign up during the service, out in the lobby or online at

Q. Do all groups require me to purchase a book?
A. Not necessarily. Each group is unique. You will need to read the description to determine whether a book is required.

Q. Do the groups provide childcare?
A. If listed in the description, then yes. Groups that offer childcare often request some small donation that is thrown into the "pot" to help pay the babysitter.

Q. What if I don't like my group?
A. We strive to make all of our groups and enjoyable spot. However, the reality is that not everyone will be a good match for you. You can feel free to try a different one within the first two weeks. The beauty is that in just a short time, all the groups will be brand new which will make for new possibilities.


Q. What are the requirements to become a Growth Group Facilitator?
A. We try to keep it simple. While it takes more than breathing, it doesn't require a PhD in facilitating. Click here for the Growth Group facilitator requirements & responsibilities.

Q. How do I become a Growth Group Facilitator?
A. Simple! Email Mario ( or fill out the application included in this folder to start the simple process.

Q. Do I have to lead a group all three semesters throughout the year?
A. Nope! In fact, we ask you not to. We understand that some seasons are more difficult than others. Serve for the two that work best for you!

Q. I want to lead a group but I don't want to do it at my house. Are there other options?
A. We hope so. You can ask those in your group if they are open to hosting it or even rotating houses. Gateway also attempts to create a list of possible host homes for groups.

Q. What topics can I teach?
A. We have a list of approved resources and you can obtain them by contacting Heather Akland ( They are on a checkout system so, first come, first served.

Q. What if none of the topics interest me or I want to do my own topic?
A. We encourage people to venture out and try new ideas! If it is not on the list, contact Mario ( to get the topic approved. Our desire is to set you up for success and part of that is having curriculum that is doctrinally in line with Gateway as well as a topic that will capture a large audience. You will need to create the curriculum to last 9 weeks.