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Groups at Gateway are how we help people move from sitting in rows to getting into circles where we can discover how to follow Jesus and help others do the same.  We encourage everyone to find a group to be a part of.


You can find out more about one of the groups below by clicking on the picture or use the menu on the left to see a listing of all the groups once you are logged into our web app called CCB.


If you do not already have a CCB login, click here to request your login activation. Once you receive your login activation email and create your account, you’ll be able to sign up for groups using the tabs located to the left.

Thank you!!


Discipleship Groups:



-- Leader: Don Melendez--Melendez - Spanish speaking (1/Unlimited)

Fri-6:30 PM- Leader: Kyle Rowland-Poulsbo-Rowland (12/Unlimited)

Sun-2:00 PM- Leader: Chuck Monie-Poulsbo-Monie - open to all (8/Unlimited)

Sun-5:00 PM- Leader: Mario White-Poulsbo-White - open to all (17/12)

Sun-5:00 PM- Leader: Missy Pearson-Kingston-Pearson, M - women only (1/Unlimited)

Sun-5:00 PM- Leader: Tim Eaton-Poulsbo-Eaton - open to all (10/Unlimited)

Thu-5:30 PM- Leader: Carol Pearson-Poulsbo-Pearson, C - women only (5/Unlimited)

Thu-Evening- Leader: Mark Ross-Poulsbo-Ross - open to all (15/Unlimited)

Tue-7:00 PM- Leader: Paula Rovik-Poulsbo-Rovik - women only (1/Unlimited)

Wed-6:30 PM- Leader: Dave Fischer-At the Church-Fischer - open to all (19/Unlimited)

Wed-6:30 PM- Leader: Jessica Moon-At the Church-Moon - open to all (9/Unlimited)

Wed-6:30 PM- Leader: June Hensley-Poulsbo-Hensley - women only (5/Unlimited)




Growth Groups:


Fri-6:30 PM- Leader: Jack Welker-At the Church-Celebrate Recovery (7/Unlimited)

Mon-6:00 PM- Leader: Ron Paschke-Silverdale-Berean School of the Bible (9/10)

Sat-10:00 AM- Leader: Suzanne Jones-At the Church-Martha's Helpers (13/30)

Thu-- Leader: Tom Duchemin-Poulsbo-Thursday Guys (10/2)

Thu-1:00 PM- Leader: Heidi Lestelle-At the Church-1 Peter (women) (9/8)

Thu-5:30 PM- Leader: Jeremy Anunson--Weeknight Wanderers (10/Unlimited)

Thu-6:00 PM- Leader: Bethany Brengan-At the Church-Writers' Group (9/20)

Thu-6:30 PM- Leader: Chuck Gadbaw-At the Church-Good Seeds (6/20)

Thu-7:00 PM- Leader: Hunter Jacobus-At the Church-Unfiltered Young Adults (2/50)

Thu-9:30 AM- Leader: Karen Foster-At the Church-Moms & More 2017-2018 (28/Unlimited)

Tue-12:30 PM- Leader: Bob Hawkins-At the Church-Blessed Life (5/20)

Tue-6:30 PM- Leader: Jenny Foster-At the Church-Warrior Women (9/14)

Tue-7:00 PM- Leader: John Denend-At the Church-Men's Roundtable (Tuesdays) (17/75)

Wed-6:30 PM- Leader: Robin Lord-At the Church-CHOICE (1/17)

Wed-6:45 PM- Leader: Tom Duchemin-At the Church-Marriage Matters (27/29)