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Gateway is a Protestant and Pentecostal church. Our full doctrinal statement remains unchanged since 1936, when we began our association with the Assemblies of God. Below is our Statement of Fundamental Truths. Four of them are known as:

Core Doctrines

  • Salvation Through Jesus Christ
  • Divine Healing
  • Baptism In the Holy Spirit
  • The Second Coming of Christ

Statement of Fundamental Truths

  • The Bible is inspired
  • One true God
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is fully God
  • The fall of mankind
  • The salvation of mankind (a Cardinal Doctrine)
  • The ordinances of the church (water baptism and communion)
  • The baptism in the Holy Spirit (a Cardinal Doctrine)
  • The initial physical evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit (speaking in tongues)
  • Sanctification (growing as a Christian)
  • The church and its mission
  • The ministry (spiritual leadership)
  • Divine healing (a Cardinal Doctrine)
  • The blessed hope (the return of Christ, a Cardinal Doctrine)
  • The millennial reign of Christ
  • The final judgment
  • The new heavens and the new earth

You may also get expanded information at the Assemblies of God website.